A Knocked-Out Tooth Requires Professional Treatment and Quality First-Aid

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Each tooth in your mouth is secured in its socket by very strong periodontal connective tissues. While this is meant to hold your teeth firmly in place, it is possible for an accidental blow to the face to sever the connective tissues and knock a tooth out of its socket. In some of these scenarios, the root of the tooth might remain while the rest of the tooth is severed at the gumline.

In a traumatic moment like this, you will likely need to apply some basic first-aid while you seek emergency treatment from a dental professional, such as our endodontistss, Drs. Allen Rosenthal and Agnes Herceg.

It’s important to remain calm while assessing the damage to your tooth and the surrounding soft oral tissues. You can gently rinse away excess blood in the mouth with a lukewarm salt water rinse. This might help you gain a better view to determining the amount of damage done to the traumatized area.

Sometimes, a knocked-out tooth can be implanted back into the socket. This is only possible if the tooth is still complete, meaning both the crown and roots were knocked out, and if it is kept alive while you seek professional care.

You can preserve the tooth by holding it firmly between the cheek and gums. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can try using one of the tooth-preservation products sold in the oral hygiene aisle of most stores. This is a small container with a special nourishing gel specifically formulated to keep the tooth and connective tissues alive.

In a case where the tooth is severed at the gumline but the root is still viable, Dr. Allen Rosenthal and their staff might be able to restore it by performing a root canal. This will essentially replicate the internal structure of the tooth to eventually anchor a dental crown.

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