Our endodontists at Advanced Endodontics & Microsurgery of Stamford, PC are specially trained to treat resorption so that you can regain a healthy smile. Resorption is a rare endodontic condition, and means that your tooth structure is dissolving. There are several types of resorption which may occur:

  • External Cervical Resorption– This type of resorption occurs in the area where your tooth meets your gums.
  • Internal Resorption– This type of resorption occurs when the dental pulp becomes enlarged and dissolves the tooth from the inside out.
  • External Apical Resorption– This type of resorption occurs when the tooth roots begin to dissolve. While this type of resorption is normal when baby teeth are being replaced with adult teeth, it can cause significant problems if it occurs in an adult tooth.

Resorption may be caused by dental trauma, an abscess, past orthodontic treatment or internal tooth whitening, or it may have no discernible cause. If diagnosed early, resorption can be treated, usually with root canal therapy or oral surgery. If untreated, it can cause the tooth to die and need to be extracted.

As resorption can be easily diagnosed with X-rays and 3D imaging, we strongly encourage you to continue visiting your dentist regularly for dental exams. This will help to diagnose resorption early so that our endodontists can provide treatment and help you keep your smile healthy.

To learn more about resorption treatment in Stamford, Connecticut, and make an appointment with Dr. Allen Rosenthal or Dr. Agnes Herceg, please call us today at 203-324-9239.