When the tissues in and surrounding your roots become infected and inflamed, our endodontists may recommend an apicoectomy to help heal the damaged area and restore your tooth to full function. We invite you to contact Advanced Endodontics & Microsurgery of Stamford, PC at 203-324-9239 to learn more about apicoectomy in Stamford, Connecticut, and to schedule your consultation with Drs. Allen Rosenthal and Agnes Herceg.

Apicoectomy, also known as root-end resection, is a form of endodontic surgery used when root canals or other, less-invasive procedures cannot heal the tooth. It is typically recommended to treat damaged root surfaces and the surrounding bone.

When you receive an apicoectomy, our doctors will begin by making an incision in your gum tissue, which exposes the bone and the surrounding inflamed tissues. The damaged tissue is then removed, along with the apex of the tooth (the root tip). Our endodontists place a root-end filling to seal the root canal and prevent reinfection of the root, and your gum is sutured to begin the healing process. The bone will heal naturally around your root over the next few months, restoring full function to your tooth and returning your oral health.

You may experience some discomfort or slight swelling following your procedure while you heal. Our endodontists can recommend a mild pain reliever to help alleviate your discomfort during this period. If you have severe pain, or pain that does not respond to medication, please contact our office.

To learn more about apicoectomy procedures and to make an appointment with our endodontists, please call our practice today.