Our endodontists and team here at Advanced Endodontics & Microsurgery of Stamford, PC are working hard to keep you safe and free to get the dental care you need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read below about different ways our office has risen to meet the new needs of our community. Call us at 203-324-9239 to learn more and set up your appointment for dental care in Stamford, Connecticut!

New Sterilization Procedures

Our office has introduced “fogging” with the hypochlorous acid (HOCl) cleaner and disinfectant for the safety of our staff and patients.

Fogging is a process that includes spraying an electrically charged and safe-to-breathe disinfectant on all interior surfaces in the cleaning process to ensure germs and viruses are eradicated.

Hypochlorous acid is 100 times stronger than bleach yet nontoxic to patients or staff. PPE is not required during application, and it has been used in hospitals in severe wound care and in food processing to keep fresh produce clean and germ free.

The three largest airlines, Delta, United and American Airlines, are fogging their planes to make them safe for travel. “You should expect dental offices to do the same.”

We are expanding our already strict methods of sterilization and are happy to announce the fogging method will be deployed in our standard cleaning routine. The entire office is fogged daily.

Dentists Observe Increase in Tooth Fractures Amid Pandemic

Fox News (9/8, Rivas) reported that a prosthodontist in Midtown Manhattan described in the New York Times how she is seeing an increase in tooth fractures amid the coronavirus pandemic. She observed that increased stress from the pandemic may result in “clenching and grinding,” which can damage teeth.

Insider (9/8, López) reported that in response to the New York Times piece, “people have been sharing their own stories on social media of teeth grinding, cracked teeth, and other dental complications.” One Twitter user noted needing a root canal and crown.

Reporting that other dentists also are observing an increase in tooth fractures, Prevention Magazine (9/8, Miller) encouraged people who suspect they are grinding their teeth to consult with a dentist.

Also reporting were Futurism (9/9, Tangermann), Newser (9/9, Gidman), and Becker’s Dental Review.