The Real Reason You Should Never Ignore Your Toothache

If you have ever had a toothache, you know that it can make it hard to function or focus on your day-to-day obligations. Once you notice pain in a tooth, pay attention because it means that the tooth root is likely inflamed and irritated. This can quickly lead to infection, tooth decay and even tooth loss unless it is treated.... read more »

Common Myths About Root Canals and Why They Are False

While root canals aren’t in the least funny, some of the myths around them are pretty laughable. But they can still scare you away from getting treatment. And that’s the last thing you should do, delay a needed root canal treatment (RCT)! Putting off treatment and avoiding it altogether can leave your smile in worse shape and is the exact... read more »

When Should You See an Endodontist for Help With Problem Teeth?

When you have trouble with the soft tissue and nerves inside your teeth, our endodontist can often save those teeth from being lost to decay and infection. As endodontists, we spend our time helping patients with tooth pain, infections and serious dental disease. Our goal is to relieve your pain and use effective measures to keep the problem tooth alive... read more »

Once a Tooth Has Received a Root Canal, Can It Be Retreated Later if Necessary?

Did you know that over 15 million root canals are done annually, according to the American Association of Endodontists? Breaking that down means that every single day more than 41,000 root canals are done in just one day alone, by either dentists or endodontists. And while a dentist will average around two root canals each week, an endodontist will average... read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Week Is in April and Can Help Save Lives!

Oral Cancer Awareness Week is observed on April 3 – 9, 2022 (thanks to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance). It is supported by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery to draw attention to this often fatal disease and how early detection is the key to surviving cancer. Oral Cancer Screenings We encourage getting oral cancer screenings as... read more »