A Dental Abscess Might Be Drained Before a Root Canal

Many people will seek treatment from an experienced endodontist like Drs. Allen Rosenthal and Agnes Herceg to address a severe case of tooth decay. This is often related to a worsening toothache, dental fracture or a growing pain and pressure in the underlying gums. Some patients suffering from a severe... Read more »

The Answers to Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a beneficial way of restoring the health and function of a damaged and infected tooth. If you have questions about this treatment, then our endodontists, Drs. Allen Rosenthal and Agnes Herceg, are happy to help you find the answers. To do so, they would like to... Read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Requires Professional Treatment and Quality First-Aid

Each tooth in your mouth is secured in its socket by very strong periodontal connective tissues. While this is meant to hold your teeth firmly in place, it is possible for an accidental blow to the face to sever the connective tissues and knock a tooth out of its socket.... Read more »

Symptoms of a Dental Abscess Needs Timely Treatment

Sometimes a minor cavity or a small physical defect in a tooth’s enamel layer can appear insignificant. Yet the compromised area allows tooth decay to spread deep into the interior of the tooth. If a problem like this goes undiagnosed or untreated by a endodontist like Dr. Allen Rosenthal, the... Read more »

Root Canal Treatment Basics

What Is Dental Pulp? Dental pulp is the tissue, blood vessels, and nerves in the center of a tooth. Why Might Dental Pulp Need to Be Removed? The dental pulp can become damaged from several things, including a cracked tooth, an injury or blow to a tooth, or a deep... Read more »

The Treatment Plan for a Toothache Often Involves Endodontic Therapy

Even minor toothache pain should not be taken lightly. It is often a sign that some form of trauma or tooth decay has affected the sensitive core structures of the tooth. In a case like this, you can turn to the specialist care available at Advanced Endodontics & Microsurgery of... Read more »

The Effectivity Rate of Root Canals

If you’ve ever had a tooth chip or an oral filling chipped out, you understand that life can cause some dental work to be less than permanent. If you need a root canal and are hesitant about how successful it can be, don’t worry: root canal treatments are very successful,... Read more »

Endodontic Therapy Might Needed to Treat a Tooth Suffering from Dental Attrition and Tooth Decay

Deviations in the alignment of your teeth can cause the biting surface of one to rub excessively on an alternative surface of another tooth. If it goes unnoticed the small area of dental attrition can gradually spread to compromise an increasing amount of dental material. In some of these cases,... Read more »

Why Dry Mouth is Serious

Xerostomia is an oral condition affecting the salivation levels of the oral cavity, leaving the mouth with a dry feeling that can cause harm to the pearly whites. With a tiny bit of aid from our office, you can manage xerostomia; here are a few things that you should recognize.... Read more »

Endodontic Care Might Be Needed to Treat a Toothache

Toothache pain might gradually build up over time, or it could suddenly appear after suffering a dental trauma. It can be especially concerning if you’re also experiencing distress or pressure in the local gum tissues. While they can be caused by a myriad of sources, toothache pain is almost always... Read more »