Long-Lasting Smiles Can Benefit From Endodontics

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Did you know that endodontics is used to help care for the pulp of a tooth? Endodontics is an oral healthcare field of dentistry designed for not only caring for the pulp of tooth but also tissues within the root. Due to the fact that the inner workings of a tooth must remain safe, you’ll need to make sure you’re always properly taking care of any teeth that may be damaged or are unsightly in appearance.

In order for an endodontist to apply the necessary treatments to save a tooth that has suffered pulp damage, additional education is required. Typically, endodontics requires two to three years of advanced training beyond traditional dental school to ensure they are fully trained and equipped to help better serve your mouth and issues within the root of a tooth.

If you suffer from pulp damage due to an infection or disease, the pulp will need to be taken out. Through endodontics procedures such as a root canal therapy, the pulp can be safely extracted so that the tooth can continue to survive long after the pulp. has been removed. Every year in America, millions of teeth are saved through the use of endodontic procedures such as root canal therapies.

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