Why Root Canal Therapy Can Treat Dental Infection

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Tooth infection has many common signs, including tooth discoloration, tooth sensitivity, chronic pain or a toothache, and tender and swollen gums that developed an ongoing pimple. If you are suffering from symptoms of tooth infection, you may need to receive root canal therapy to prevent the need for tooth removal.

Your tooth may benefit from receiving root canal therapy if you have undergone severe tooth decay, multiple dental procedures or dental trauma and have developed an infection as a result. When bacteria reach the inner tooth pulp that protects the nerves and connective tissues, you could develop tooth abscess as a result. This can cause further complications in the tooth, including holes, swelling, drainage problems and bone loss.

Root canal therapy is performed to preserve a tooth that has suffered severe tooth infection as a final step to prevent tooth extraction. When performing root canal therapy, our team cleans the inner tooth chamber so that the infected dental pulp is removed, and then the tooth roots are sealed. Finally, a dental crown covers the tooth to protect any remaining structure from bacteria.

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